Steel Design and Budgeting

Our engineering group utilizes the latest technology and BIM systems (Building Information Modeling) to deliver our clients the most cost-effective steel design possible. By participating in preconstruction design meetings and providing budgeting along the way, we provide our clients with complete turn-key solutions for their structural steel, miscellaneous and ornamental metals needs.


We use skilled estimating / operations staff to accurately describe the scope of your project, develop the schedule and provide detailed estimates. TJs has developed a library of comparable projects over the past 20+ years to utilize in the development of reliable estimates and establishing achievable schedules from the conceptual design documents and beyond.

Our fast and accurate Structural Design Services:

  1. Structural design services
  2. Structural analysis drawings
  3. Structural FEA Services
  4. Load Calculations drawings
  5. Foundation design drawings
  6. Retaining wall design drawings
  7. Roof structure design drawings
  8. Beam design drawings
  9. Column design drawings
  10. Slab design drawings
  11. Frame design drawings
  12. Lintel design drawings
  13. Structural Stacks Designs
  14. Heat Exchangers Designs
  15. Pressure Vessels Designs
  16. Structural Skids Designs
  17. Structural Tanks Designs

Our Advanced structural design services structures:

  • High Rise Structures – steel, composite structures, prefabricated building systems etc.
  • Industrial Structures – industrial sheds, industrial plants, factories etc.
  • Commercial Structures – warehouses, healthcare and education buildings, theatres etc.
  • Residential Structures – wooden structures, unit blocks, condos, villas and more