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The senior management of TJs have decades of expertise in fabrication, erection and project management of steel structures projects before starting the engineering and detailing office works. We understand, not only design, but the impact they have on all stages of construction. This important background allows us to respond to fabricator’s need more appropriately.


Communication is important to us, and we value customer involvement throughout each project. We pride ourselves on client communication and quick response, for efficient execution of projects.

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Attention to Detail

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We work on a diversity of projects from simple buildings to complex, one-of-a-kind structures for many sectors including commercial, industrial, transportation, municipal and many more. We approach each project with rigorous precision and detail necessary to meet firm customer expectations, as well as complying with complex technical requirements.


TJ offers a variety of high quality and dependable steel detailing services using leading-edge 3D technology to bring the best products possible. Our team possesses a comprehensive knowledge of 3D modeling to meet every challenge of steel design &detailing.

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RFI Management

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We are considerate that valuable time would be wasted if the RFI’s we raise is inappropriate, partial or not have clarity. Since our teams have the right exposure and experience on the jobs, they gather the design papers carefully to comprehend the design objective before raising an RFI. We don’t stop there but also suggest viable solutions wherever required in the RFIs to help you give better solutions and expedite the project.

Dedicated Team

Effectiveness increases by time in our model as we employ a skilled team that is dedicated to your projects and we retain them as a group only for your jobs from time to time.

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Customer Service

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Our technical team interacts directly with clients – significantly reducing response time. They are in constant touch with top TJs management to ensure customers get the best services always. Regular updates are submitted on every project. Our team members are experts in building relationships and retaining them. One of our key strength is our ability to work directly with the Architects & Engineers on complex projects, which saves the fabricator’s money.