Steel Detailing Services

Structural Steel Detailing, Miscellaneous Metals and Ornamental Detailing

Structural steel detailing is the specialized area of producing Fabrication and Erection drawings from Architectural and Structural design intend drawings. We expertise in interpreting the design intend drawings and converting them into drawings which facilitate the fabricator to fabricate individual members and erect them.

Structural Steel Detailing

  1. Shop/fabrication drawings (Column, Beam, Brace, Steel frames, Connections and Anchor bolts)
  2. Structural 3D modeling
  3. Quantity take-off and Estimation
  4. General Arrangement/ Erection drawings
  5. Single part/ fittings drawings
  6. Advanced Bill of Materials (ABM)
  7. Steel Joist & Deck Detailing
  8. Drawing index
  9. BIM coordination Models

We Deliver:

  • Customized Fabrication/Shop drawings
  • General Arrangement/Erection drawings
  • Field use and As-built drawings
  • Anchor Bolt Plan Drawing and Anchor bolt details
  • Nested dwgs for Plates and tubes/pipe
  • Project reports- Material list, Bolt list etc.
  • Advanced Bill of Material
  • Estimating
  • CNC, DXF & DSTV files

Miscellaneous Metal & Ornamental Detailing

Staircase Detailing (Standard & Monumental Stairs)

Our Staircase Detailing Drawings Services Specialties

  1. Architectural Stair
  2. Commercial Stair
  3. Wall Ladder with or without Cage
  4. Ship Ladders
  5. Trash Gates

Handrail Detailing

Our modern stair handrail detailing drawings services includes:

  1. Spiral stair handrail detailing drawings
  2. Glass stair handrail detailing drawings
  3. Deck stair handrail detailing drawings

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

  1. Fence detailing
  2. Mechanical screen walls
  3. Mesh Walls
  4. Ornamental metal detailing (Railing)
  5. Grating detailing
  6. Carport steel detailing
  7. Canopy steel detailing
  8. Windows detailing
  9. Door detailing